"The Album gets more and more exciting with the clear and productive guidance of Ori Winokur who uses various instruments in a well thought way." Amos Oren - Habama - About Tal Cohen Shalev - Nowhere That You Know.

" It seems like producer Ori Winokur managed to bring out , in a real magical way , new and different layers from the songs and the artist himself , who never reached these territories before" Chen Lev about - Tal Cohen Shalev "Nowhere That You Know"

"שׁAsaf Avidan & The Mojos has set another record on their way to the Israeli Hall of Fame , the show with Raanana Orchestra was perfect , a powerful demonstration of production and music..." Asaf Nevo - Mako.co.il , about the Mojos show with a 40 piece orchestra - Produced by Ori Winokur

" The biggest triumph of this album is Ori Winokur and Asaf Avidan production . The Sound is rich , full (but not too full) , surrounding and warm , the kind of sound that makes you want to turn up the volume ." - mouse.co.il - about "Through The Gale"

"With some magic dust from Ori Winokur - the studio magician Asaf Avidan & The Mojos fly to the sky...you could listen to this album in the 80's , 90's, 2000 or 2020 and it would still sound relevant and authentic." - Asaf Nevo , Mako.co.il , "Through The Gale" album review.

"Epic in thought, execution and imagination, ‘The Reckoning’ is a genuine masterpiece and an even more startling debut. Asaf Avidan and the Mojos transcend every genre they pursue." - pennyblackmusic.co.uk

"gloriously bombastic drumming, excoriating guitar-work and epic widescreen production." - The Crack Magazine - UK - About the album "The Reckoning".

"...Producer Ori Winokur helped the band achieve a sharp and fresh sound and most importantly this album has passion." - Ben Shalev - "Haaratez" - about "The Reckoning"

"The new album sucseeded to bring Asaf Avidan & The Mojos to the big league" - Yoav Barel - NRG - About "Poor Boy / Lucky Man"

" The album was excellently produced by Ori Winokur and Asaf Avidan and it has a sound that is much more complex , reach and multi-garnered then the previous album. Some tracks are head rockers filled with pleasuring distortions and other are well done folk and blues songs." Snunit Lis , Nana 10 , About Poor Boy/Lucky Man

"It is arguably one of the best live hip-hop bands in the world...The band will continue to tour and bless audiences across the globe with their dynamic show. It’s only a matter of time before they become one of the largest international acts in the music industry" BET Online about Coolooloosh Live Show